Hairstyling And Makeup For Your Summer Wedding

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Summer is a beautiful time of year to celebrate your nuptials. In fact, it is the most popular season to get married in the United States. My own July wedding was bright, breezy, and mild. Since all eyes will be on you today of all days, you will want to begin planning your look as early as possible.

So what does it take to create the perfect summer look on one of the most important days of your life? Let me give you some pointers.

Summer is definitely a time for vibrant, warm colors, so go to a professional makeup artist to have your palette analyzed. Then choose not only the most flattering colors, but also the warmest. Many brides with fair skin will find that a dusting of peach-colored blush underneath the cheekbones and lightly swiped across the forehead and down the nose will give the whole face a perfect glow.

Some summer brides opt to bronze their skin by visiting a local tanning bed. This is not necessarily a bad idea, especially if you're hoping to recover from a springtime farmer's tan that might look odd with the bridal gown you have chosen, but please don't overdo it! I have known several women that have tanned until they look like a roast chicken, and believe me, it isn't flattering!

Also, never attempt to tan by "lying out." Not only is this injurious to your skin, you most likely will not achieve the results you are going for. Some might argue that tanning beds are equally harmful, but current medical research does not verify that fear, so if you need to tan, go ahead and make an appointment.

As far as hairstyles are concerned, this season is the perfect time to go blonde if ever there was one. You will want to contact a hair salon that has specially trained color artists that will help you make the transition.

But if you aren't sure about going for blonde as an all-over color, then discuss options for blonde, caramel brown, or even auburn highlights. If you do change your color, you may need to lighten or darken your eyebrows. NEVER do this with box color; always leave it to a professional.

Highlights tend to look stunning in both traditional up-dos and loose hair. If you're having a destination and/or beach wedding, then consider wearing your hair in loose curls down your back, a classic look for beach blonde brides.

Whatever look you decide on, remember that this is YOUR day. And don't forget to wear waterproof mascara!
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Hairstyling And Makeup For Your Summer Wedding

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This article was published on 2010/10/09